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Thank you for visiting my family history website.


This website is dedicated to sharing some of my Pomeroy and McHoul family history and hopefully engage with each of you so that we may learn from sharing personal stories and memories.


As I have researched and documented my ancestors, I have become quite familiar with their life events, however, I soon realized that facts alone do not tell the entire story. I am hoping to share with you the "backstory" of these fascinating individuals. Our ancestors’ lives were extraordinary. Many of our early family members were true pioneers exhibiting great courage as they risked everything for a better life in Canada. Some were engaged in the great wars of the world, lived through social and environmental / epidemic upheaval and so often the women were the unsung heroes as history does not always highlight or acknowledge their contributions to our heritage.

I hope you enjoy this information, stay connected and share some of your memories.



This website has two main areas of interest:

First is the What's New !  page. This is my blog where I will post updates such as my stories and significant research finds. This is where you can participate by adding any thoughts and memories to enrich our family history. Occasionally, as I research, I may also ask for help in the form of background or photos that only you can provide. You can Contact me direct or just add comments in the post.


Second, I am providing a repository for additional stories, pictures and other media that I have collected and / or received from you. There are two family pages - McHoul / Rhodes / Howes and Pomeroy / Wright.  Here, you can scroll through and enjoy many rare items. 

If you wish to receive updates about new stories and blog entries & access the family pages, you need to subscribe below.

If you have questions, comments, ideas or would like information I may have about any of our ancestors, please send me a message - Contact  - I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again for visiting my site.


Maybe we will discover new insights together!


Thank you ! Updates will be emailed to you.

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