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Updated: Nov 19, 2021

I wanted to share a short Pomeroy DNA story. I have resisted joining the DNA community for a lot of reasons and for years, however after some encouragement from my family, I recently decided to give it a go.

My main objective in doing the DNA test was to see if it was possible to somehow scientifically prove a connection to Silas and Sarah. After all, I sure hoped that doing all this research on this amazing couple would not be in vain.

I contacted my friend and wonderful resource, Alma LaFrance. Alma is a great advocate for the American Pomeroy Historic Genealogical Association ( my original starting point in family history ) and she manages the Pomeroy YDNA Study; I have attached a copy of a recent report if you are interested in the background and how things work within the study.

After much discussion to try to educate me (she is so patient), Alma suggested that I purchase the Y700 test; so I did. I do not pretend to have a meaningful grasp on the technical aspects of DNA and the connections to genealogy, however, I stepped forth in faith because not only was there a chance that I was not a descendant of Silas, there was a chance that other less than satisfying surprises might be in store for me.

The YDNA is an entirely different type of Y chromosome test. It maps a section of my Y chromosome ,which is handed down, father to son, time out of mind, virtually unchanged. Once every 85-144 years on average, a slight variation may form in the chromosome of one of the sons, and that new variant is passed down in his line only. So if 390 years later two men take the Y700, computers can compare and follow each man’s SNP path (single nuclear morphism) back to the common ancestor….whew, I think I get it

Anyway, when my results came back, I shared them with the YDNA Pomeroy group for my contribution to this science project and for their feedback. Two interesting outcomes:

  1. Thankfully, I definitely have a YDNA connection to another Caleb Pomeroy (Silas’s grandfather) descendant which means I am a direct descendant and all the research “we” have done is solid. My personal test also provided a new link ( it is beyond me what this meant ) which lead to another major breakthrough for the Pomeroy YDNA Study; I am copying Alma’s exact text to another participant who is included below.

  2. “it appears that a unique variant, (mutation) did not form in Eltweed. If one had, both Medad and Caleb would have it also, and it would appear in all their descendants. This means Eltweed inherited his fathers YDNA unchanged. With these latest results (Francis, Mike and Scott) we can now see that Richard of Beaminster is sharing the same YDNA as our member from the Clevedon Somerset family”. So, it appears that my test somehow allowed a breakthrough well back in time and if you are a follower of the Eltweed ancestral story, this is very relevant.

I suppose a few key things that I have learned. One, don’t be afraid to try new things. Two, no matter how small that little bit of family history information we have on hand (pictures, stories, etc.), share it with others as it just might make a huge difference in better understanding our ancestors.

But maybe more importantly to remember, we are all related.

Be well everyone


YDNA Report I-M223 3_2020final
Download PDF • 3.06MB

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