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Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Hello to all.

I wanted to update you about some changes on my Family History Website -

I have emailed this post to you as well.

I have received some great feedback and have discovered that the site has been somewhat difficult to navigate (passwords, etc.). As such, I have made some changes:

  • All members (you) can now access all pages with no passwords required

  • There are now basically three pages, aside from the Home page

  • What’s New ! - this is my blog and is where any stories I have written will continue to appear here; I have added some categories at the top of the page which may help you find a story quickly. I am hoping that you will engage with these stories by offering your own thoughts and memories in the Comment space (see bottom of each posting). Your input will really help the entire family to learn more about the richness of these ancestors. Occasionally, I may use the What’s New page to ask for your help as I work through some research challenges.

  • The other two pages are dedicated repositories for each family - it is here that I will add additional stories and much of the media I have. If you have any photos you wish to include, email me and I will try to upload as soon as possible

I have deleted all references to genealogy - charts, resources, family trees etc. If you would like specific ancestor details or a special report or chart, contact me and I provide what I can.

Happy summer


Reminder - As much of this website is very special and intimate for our family, I ask that none of the information on the website be reproduced without discussing with me first.

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