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Now That's Old *

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

I had a wonderful interaction with a 97 year old gentleman and his daughter from Southampton Massachusetts this past year. The short story is that he has been able to confirm that the attached photograph is Caleb Pomeroy's (b1707) house, built in the 1720's! Caleb is Silas' grandfather. The house was sold, dismantled and moved to Connecticut in 1983. I have been working for a long time to try and find where Silas lived and after much work with antique deeds, wills and maps, this was a real thrill to have confirmation and to see the house where Captain Abner Pomeroy (b1734) was born. Also, to communicate with a person who actually visited the home several times was wonderful. This gentleman said "it was the oldest house he had ever seen". Abner went on to build his own house and barn (where Silas was born) in the same field as Caleb's and I have since heard that this house is no longer existing, however, remnants were seen. I wonder if anyone has any photos of pioneer homes, or remnants of the same, on Telephone Road ?

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