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Pomeroy's in Belleville *

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

I had the pleasure of recently connecting with an ancestor of Thomas Kelso, a successful businessman in Belleville; The reason why this is important is that, Louisa Victoria Pomeroy, daughter of Henry Pomeroy (b1801, son of Silas and Sarah) and Rebecca Hubble (b1818, daughter of Abel Hubble and Anna Reddick) married Thomas Kelso and lived in Belleville. The ancestor I connected with gave me two photos; one of Louisa and amazingly, one of Rebecca Hubble (Pomeroy) sitting on the front lawn in front of Thomas and Louisa’s home; the other person appears to be Louisa. Both Henry and Rebecca died here in 1876 and 1904 respectively. This is the only photo I have seen that depicts someone who was very intimate with Silas and Sarah. Henry and Rebecca lived in Cramahe across Telephone Road from Silas and Sarah and took them both in during their last years. Another piece to the lives of this family helps me to imagine the time 200+ years ago.

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