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Ruth Fraley; nee Pomeroy *

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

1932 - 2021

Sadly, we lost one of our family's sweet souls on November 7, 2021. Aunt Ruth has been remembered by many as a special, caring and gentle sweetheart. We will miss her wonderful sense of humour and genuine compassion.

This picture was taken when I visited Aunt Ruth in Brighton in 2018. We had a great chat about family including the recent loss of Brian. Aunt Ruth was most interested in my family history work and we spent time discussing Silas and Sarah, our pioneer great grandparents; she was astonished at the history of this family.

One of my favourite memories was our family vacation to visit the Fraley family in Charlotte North Carolina in the 1960's. While visiting, Alfred Pomeroy, my father and Ruth's brother, discovered McDonalds - in its early days. He took me to "go buy supper" and being enamoured with this new kind of restaurant, naturally, he ordered 50 cheeseburgers, 25 fries and 15 drinks; "should be enough" he said. When we arrived back at the Fraley's for dinner, Aunt Ruth, in her gentle and knowingly manner, looked at the bags of food and then turned to my father and just slowly shook her head suggesting she was quite familiar with and fond of his ways and said, "well, supper is taken care of".

I will miss Ruth Fraley and regret not being able to visit more often over the past 2 years.


Genealogically speaking, Ruth is the eldest child of Herbert Pomeroy and Luella Wright (Pomeroy)

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