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What a Signature !

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

As you likely know, I have continued the Silas, Sarah and their descendants story based on the great foundation established by Judy P

. One of the long time genealogical inaccuracies was Silas death date; it was often stated about 1828 or so as this was the last census he was listed. Awhile back I had an amazing discovery which helped establish his death date much later; with other facts, Silas likely died between 1848 and 1849. The discovery was Silas’ now family famous “x” signature on a local document in 1846; see attached. Silas witnessed Isaac Cumming’s Revolutionary War pension application along with Abel Hubble; the connection I mentioned earlier. Silas was neighbours and friends with Abel and Isaac who all fought in the Revolutionary War. Not only was Silas shown as a witness, inside the application where question 4 asks if any neighbours can certify Isaac’s age, Isaac's son or daughter replied with......” I have frequently heard my fathers lore and old Mr. Pomeroy state that he was in the Revolutionary war and was also 82 years old…these 2 men are now old and respectable ”. So, again, the richness of the story continues to build. As always everyone, please share any clues about this family…the tiniest thing can often bring new perspective and news to this story.

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